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Kindness Collective is here to change the way we clean by caring for people and planet. Our social enterprise promotes ethically-sourced natural detergent made from soapnuts, special fruits with natural cleaning and healing properties, that are organically grown by women cooperatives in the Himalayas. We create laundry and household cleaning solutions that are tough on stains, but kind to your skin, clothes, and the environment.  


Soapnuts provide natural cleaning alternative and have been used to wash body and hair, dishes and laundry for centuries.


Soapnuts grow in the foothills and mid-hills of the Himalayans or deep inside the forests of peninsular India. All our nuts are sustainably harvested in the wild from the trees that grow without any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. By sourcing the nuts in such way we create jobs for women farmers.


Our partner charity Harvest Wild organises and trains local women cooperatives to pick and process only the best soapnuts for our products. We pay fair prices and use the most sustainable means of transport to deliver the goods to the UK. We are always looking for ways to make our supply chain even more sustainable in order to deliver safe and natural cleaning to your door.


In 2017 over 200 women from Odisha province and Bangalore area doubled their income because of the opportunities provided by Kindness Collective. 

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