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Restore and rejuvenate your wardrobe with Kindness Collective's non-bio natural laundry detergent powered by Himalayan soap nuts. Gentle to fabrics, hypoallergenic, certified cruelty-free and vegan, this product is an essential household addition that safeguards the environment with every use. It is responsibly sourced and fully bio-degradable. Gentle on skin and pH neutral, it is perfect for silks, woolens, sportswear and baby clothes, as well as everyday items like sheets and towels. Thanks to its natural softness you won't need to use a fabric conditioner.


How to use
Use 20 ml (4 tspn) for half load and 40 ml (8 tspn) for full load of clothes. Use less if water is soft and more if water is hard.


Machine Wash (both front and top load):

  • Pour liquid in the detergent section of machine or directly on the clothes
  • Pre-soak for 30 mins for best results; operate as usual.



  • Pour liquid into empty bucket. Turn on the tap to work up a rich lather.
  • Soak clothes for 30 mins and wash as usual.


Additional considerations

  • For stains, collars and cuffs: Before wash, pour few drops of liquid directly on stained area and rub. Repeat if needed.
  • Always hand-wash delicate clothes
  • Wash white clothes separately
  • For white clothes, one may add white vinegar or baking soda to get desired level of whiteness since liquid is bleach-free.

Non-bio, Natural Laundry Liquid, 12 washes

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  • Key benefits are:

    • Gentle on human skin, hypoallergenic and has pH 5.5.
    • Clothes retain shine and colour longer.
    • Saves dry-cleaning costs on silk, woolens and sportswear.
    • Ideal for washing baby’s clothes and cloth diapers.
    • Friendly to environment. Fully bio-degradable.


    Kindness Collective Non-bio, Natural Laundry Liquid is completely free from SLS, SLES, Sulphates, Phosphates, Artificial Fragrance, Artificial Colour, Bleach, Optical Brighteners.